Wendy Smith

I was born in Idaho, raised in Nebraska, have lived in Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and even New Jersey.  I have enjoyed many parts of our beautiful country but I am proud to call Washington my HOME.  I am a wife to a bass-fisher and mother of three grown young men, a musician, a soldier, and an athlete.  I was a Stay-at-Home mom until all three boys were in school and then found I had a fierce needed to be out working with people again.  I have over 30 years of work experience.  In all that time, I have always found myself in customer service related fields.  I am a people person thru and thru.  I love helping people meet their needs and reach their goals.

Now I want to help you attain your Dreams of Home Ownership.  I am new to the Real Estate scene and have a great support team with years of successful Real Estate experience to back me up on this new adventure.  I hope my fresh attitude, bright smile, and hunger for success will not only be an asset for you in your search for your dreams but also make this journey exciting and enjoyable.