Spokane This Fall – 4 Reasons to Love It!

Spokane is an amazing city to live in year round, but it is exceptionally magical in the fall. The changing of the leaves provides a gorgeous backdrop no matter what you’re doing. The crisp, cool autumn air signals the start of the holiday season festivities. Dust off your boots and grab and scarf, because you won’t want to miss our top four reasons to visit Spokane this fall!


The Changing of the Seasons


washington leafs

Fall brings the changing of the leaves outside of Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane, WA

 Spokane is part of the Inland Northwest (INW). The INW is known for its snowy winters, gorgeous summers, colorful falls and flourishing springs. If you’re looking for a full expression of all four seasons without the long, gray winters of the midwest and northwest coast, you can’t do better than Spokane. 

So grab a coffee from one of our local shops and take a midday stroll. Even a quick walk through the city will provide spectacular views of the changing of the leaves. Reds, oranges, and yellows shine brightly in the midday sun. Even as temperatures drop in Spokane, the sun continues to shine. What this means is that you’re less likely to experience a decline in mood during the fall and winter months. Get the culture of Seattle while leaving the endless gray days behind!


Fall Festivals 


Spokane has no shortage of fall festivals. Whether you’re looking for an adventure out with the kids or a fun date activity, Spokane has you covered. Here are a few things to do in Spokane this fall:


Greenbluff Farms Fall Harvest Festival 

spokane pumpkin patch

Be sure to check out the pumpkin patch at Greenbluff Farms this fall

Running from September 22nd through October 28th, the Fall Harvest Festival is the region’s biggest family-friendly event. The festival boasts a 5-acre corn maze, Pumpkin Land (and of course, their world-famous pumpkin donuts!), live music, food trucks, face painting, apple cider, and dining at the Country Kitchen, to name just a few. Take a peek at the Greenbluff Farms website for full details. 




ValleyFest takes place in the Spokane Valley and runs from September 21-23. This “multi-sport” event offers a diverse range of activities for the family. What do we mean by “diverse?” Well, ValleyFest is most notable for kicking off every year with a Bed Race down Sprague downtown in the Spokane Valley! Families decorate beds and literally race them box-car style down the street. It is one of the most unique events you’ll ever participate in, and bedfull of fun! Other offerings at ValleyFest include TotFest for the kids, a swing dancing competition, and several physical fitness activities, including a walk to raise money for Down’s Syndrome. Check out the full ValleyFest lineup on their website.  


Seriously Scary Halloween 


Maybe it’s the crisp air and the orange leaves that puts Spokane in such a festive mood. No matter the reason, our love of Halloween can’t be denied. Whether it is a trip to Scarywood or trick-or-treating at a neighborhood sponsored event, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.


Scarywood at Silverwood 


Featured on Travel Channel’s “Halloween’s Scariest Thrills” list, Scarywood at Silverwood Theme Park didn’t come to mess around. The even runs the entire month of October and is not meant for kids. Scarywood boasts 5 haunted attractions and 7 Scare Zones. Check out their website for full details, and be warned – Scarywood is not for the faint of heart!   


Arts & Culture


spokane symphone hogwarts

Don’t miss the Spokane Symphony’s Haunted Hallows on October 28, 2018.

Hogwarts at the Spokane Symphony 

The third annual Spokane Symphony Haunted Hallows performance is on October 28th. The Spokane Symphony will be performing the music of Harry Potter in all its magic and splendor. Truly an event for and about the fans, Haunted Hallows encourages cosplay and provides pre-concert activities, so be sure to show up early. The Spokane Symphony offers a matinee and evening performance, but tickets are limited. Learn more and buy tickets here.




Both a group and an event, Terrain is dedicated to local art. The group was founded in 2007 to help prevent the outward migration of local art talent. Terrain the Event is a celebration of those artists. This year’s event features over 500 works from 250 artists, including poets, filmmakers, painters, and performance artists. Learn more about Terrain here, and be sure to stop by the official event on October 5th. Bring your checkbook – art seen at Terrain is for sale and supports the local artists.


Ready to Learn More?


Thinking about visiting or relocating to Spokane? Fall is the perfect season to come see what we’re all about here. Be sure to take a look at our featured listings and check out the blog for more local insights. Contact me to schedule an appointment and begin your home search in Spokane. I specialize in relocation transactions and am prepared to answer your questions and assist throughout the long distance buying process. 

Carriey Meyer spokane real estate agent hoopfest

Spokane’s Annual Hoopfest is HOT this year!

The annual Hoopfest will visit Spokane again this weekend…and it is going to be a HOT HOOP FEST! Temperature is expected to reach triple digits and no one in their right mind would want to be playing on tarmac under the noonday sun! But they do by the thousands…Spokane Hoopfest is the biggest

  • 3-on-3 on Earth
  • 7,000 Teams
  • 3,000 Volunteers
  • 225,000 Fans spanning
  • 450 Courts which cover
  • 42 City Blocks!

How much fun this is for families and individuals alike! The entire downtown area of Spokane shuts down and the streets become basketball courts. Stadium seating goes up on the sidewalks, street vendors are out soliciting their wares, food and drink and all of the restaurants and pubs welcome the hot spectators with welcome arms to quench their thirst and fill their bellies. Having twins that are basketball enthusiast, we now participate in this annual ritual with hundreds of other families and groups of 3 that become composed of every type imaginable. From co-ed groups to father-son teams and work buddies. It is quite the draw.  Carriey Meyer spokane real estate agent hoopfest slam dunk home town boy

If you’re on the page with how wonderful outdoor events can be, think ‘beyond basketball’, and you’ll understand the love affair Spokanites have for this ‘one-of-a-kind’ outdoor festival! They shop, eat from Spokane’s surprising worldwide cuisine and they jump for joy, scream loud for their teams and then talk about the results for weeks after.  All sorts of interactive entertainment are to be found on the streets of Spokane during this welcomed festival.

When you consider the the entire population of Spokane is only 211,000 – then note that 225,000 Fans come to participate and support this event, you’ll have some idea of the kind of town Spokane, Washington is.  The main point to be considered is how the events that go throughout the year serve and support raising a family here.  That alone is not an easy find.  As you will see, I am a Real Estate Agent here in Spokane and I’ve got at last count at least 100 reason’s why you may like to consider moving here and hire me to help you find a suitable home in our region.

I was amazed to learn Hoopfest is one of the many events that Spokane hosts that draws people from all over the world. Having moved from the nation’s 5th largest city, to what people call little ‘ole Spokane, it continues to amaze me how “big” this “little” city really is! Carriey Meyer spokane real estate agent hoopfest ariel 2013

Spokane is, I’ll have to say, the greatest move our family could ever have made when we moved here!  How fun would it be to have a second home in Spokane, where you could fly in and participate in our many events and enjoy to beautiful weather, or stay year round as we do.

While inventory / listings are few, I do have houses that would make wonderful homes for some of you.  There are people moving here from all over the world because the company they work for is relocating here!  That alone should be of interest if your shopping for investment property.  I also have land that you can build your dream home on; Spokane is home to award winning contractors that you can elect to package with these beautiful home sites.

It doesn’t cost anything to shop and they won’t raise your taxes if you just want to look around!  My name is Carrie Meyer; why not call me and let me show you around this area…. you’ll be glad you did.  B U T wait till after this event is over – I’ll be sweltering downtown Spokane with the rest of them – my twin sons are on a team and will, no doubt, be doing me proud on one of the courts!