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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Browne’s Addition

…And what makes it such a cool neighborhood!

Browne’s Addition is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Spokane, and it’s easy to see why. The neighborhood has a rich and diverse history, a unique cultural vibe, and the breweries aren’t too bad, either!

Whether you’re a Spokane native or considering moving to the area, here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about Browne’s Addition:


#1 It’s Named After a Man, Not a Color


Although Browne’s Addition is often written as “Brown’s Edition,” this is actually incorrect! The neighborhood is named after its founder, John J. Browne (or J.J. Browne to his friends), who built the neighborhood in addition (get it?!) to the existing Spokane Falls area. When Browne’s Addition was founded, there were less than 55 people living in all of Spokane Falls. Browne and his partner, A.M. Cannon, purchased 120 acres of land, which would become Browne’s Addition and Cannon’s Addition, respectively.


#2 It’s the Oldest Neighborhood in Spokane


Browne purchased the land to found Browne’s Addition in 1878, making it the first official neighborhood in Spokane. Just 10 years later, Brown and Cannon had founded the Spokane Street Railway Company and the first horse-drawn streetcar line ran from Browne’s Addition to Downtown Spokane on April 15th, 1888.  


#3 Part of the Neighborhood was Acquired Through the Homestead Act


By the end of the 1800’s, Browne’s Addition was starting to get a lot of attention from the wealthy community in Spokane. Its close proximity to downtown and its stunning views of the Spokane River made the neighborhood highly desirable to those who could afford it. Eager to grow the neighborhood and capitalize on the local interest in the area, J.J. Browne applied for and was approved for a homestead grant for the remainder of the land that he didn’t already own.

#4 Coeur d’Alene Park Was Built to Attract High-End Home Builders 

coeur d'alene park wa

Coeur d’Alene Park in the winter

In keeping with the theme of growing the neighborhood and attracting the wealthy, Browne and Cannon decided to build a park. Both Browne and Cannon donated land to the park equally. For over 120 years, Coeur d’Alene Park has been a local gathering point for Spokanites. The park is full of enormous trees, lush green grass, and is surrounded by mansions of every variety. Coeur d’Alene Park was hugely instrumental in growing Browne’s Addition into the neighborhood and cultural epicenter it is today.


#5 The Neighborhood Was Once Considered “Low Rent”


Browne’s Addition was originally a high end neighborhood – extremely high end. Mansions of every make and model can be found on nearly every street, even to this day. But after the Great Depression, the type of lodger interested in the Browne’s Addition started to change. The neighborhood’s close proximity to downtown made it appealing to the working class, and it wasn’t long before those large mansions started to be broken up into smaller apartments or rented out on a room-by-room basis. This trend continued on for several decades, until a savvy group of investors came in during the 1980s and fueled an urban revival in the Browne’s Addition. Thirty years later, Browne’s Addition has reclaimed its status as luxurious and hip, and has been officially registered as a Historic District since 1976.


#6 The Real Estate Ranges From Modern Condos to Victorian Mansions


One great carryover from Browne’s Addition’s sordid past is that many of those mansions that were broken up post-Depression have been converted into condos and townhomes. This means that there is a little something for every budget. Condos and townhomes are surprisingly reasonably priced, especially at the edges of the neighborhood. Home buyers can enjoy all the perks of the neighborhood – its walkability, proximity to downtown, museums, restaurants, and breweries – for prices in the $200,000s. Buyers who want to live closer to Coeur d’Alene Park will pay a little more for the real estate. And of course, bungalows, ramblers, and mansions can be purchased for those looking for a single occupancy home. Real estate in this area is coveted, so start your home search early.


#7 It’s Only a 10 Minute Walk to Downtown


We’ve mentioned several times that Browne’s Addition is close to downtown Spokane, but did you know it’s only a 10 minute walk?! This is the perfect neighborhood for young professionals who work downtown, but also for downsizers and empty nesters who don’t want the burden of owning and maintaining a car. If you don’t want to walk to downtown, there are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, bars, and breweries right in Browne’s Addition. And don’t forget, Browne’s Addition first became renowned for its beautiful landscapes and views, so you really aren’t going to find a prettier walk anywhere else!


Looking to Buy a Home in Browne’s Addition? 


Real estate in Browne’s Addition is highly sought-after, which is why the Real Estate Agent Spokane Team

spokane realtor

Carrie Meyer, Real Estate Agent Spokane Team

recommends setting up a search early on. Even if you’re just considering the area amongst others, an MLS search can give you an accurate and timely idea of what’s available and for what price. I specialize in helping people relocate to Spokane, and Browne’s Addition is one of the most popular neighborhoods my clients move to.


If you’re looking at moving to Browne’s Addition or anywhere else in Spokane, we’d love to learn a little more about your move and help you find the perfect space. Whether you’re looking to upgrade, relocate, or downsize (or all three!), we can help you find what you’re looking for. Contact me today to set up a custom search and learn more about how you can buy a house while still living out of state.

downsizing in spokane

Three Surprising Benefits of Downsizing After the Kids Move Out

If you’ve been living in your house for awhile and the kids have grown up and moved away, it might be time to think about moving into a more practical house. This type of move is often referred to as ‘downsizing,” but for many, it’s actually more about “right-sizing.” After 15-20 years living in the same house, many people find that their priorities have changed, and something a little different would suit them better.


Downsizing or “rightsizing” can have some surprising perks. Here are the three biggest benefits my clients see after making the move.


#1 A New Home is Easier to Manage


For many people, downsizing isn’t about getting a smaller space, it’s about getting a space that’s easier to care for and get around in. It’s about finding somewhere that you can age in place. This could mean moving from a multi-level home to a single story to eliminate the stress of the stairs, or it could mean moving from a house with a yard to a townhouse with a nice patio instead.


A growing list of impending home repairs is one of the biggest triggers that prompts a move after living in a house for several years. At a certain point, it becomes easier and more cost efficient to move into a newer home that’s unlikely to need any major repairs in the next 5-10 years. A newer home also provides the opportunity to get a layout that makes sense for lifestyle today. What worked 15 years ago might not be the best arrangement now.


Finding a newer home with amenities more aligned with your lifestyle and priorities will alleviate stress and free up time that would have been spent on cumbersome maintenance projects and yard work. Sometimes, easier really is better!


#2 Socializing and Family Time is Easier


Moving closer to kids and grandkids can be an immensely rewarding reason to relocate out of town or out of state. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons that our clients tell us about they are relocating to Spokane.


But grandkids aren’t the only reason downsizers move to improve their social life. We frequently see people who have been living in rural or suburban neighborhoods moving closer to city centers, where they can walk to restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, and volunteer at the local community gardens. Boomers who associate with the “active grandparent” lifestyle will find plenty to do in the new Kendall Yards district, with shopping, dining, and art in walking distance.


On the other hand, many retirees are looking to buy a peaceful plot of land and settle into retirement. In many cases, this is a “right-sizing” situation – I often help newly retired couples build their dream home on acreage just outside of town. While it might not be smaller, new builds generally come with lower maintenance burdens and cater to your exact specifications. Hello, forever home.


Living in a lower maintenance home, closer to friends, family, food, and activities makes socializing and family time much easier!  


#3 Your Money Can Go a Lot Further


The economic impact of downsizing can be huge, even for people moving in a house of similar square footage. For people moving out of older homes into newer ones, there is often a significant savings in repairs, maintenance, lawn care, and electrical/heating/gas costs. Simply put, the cost of operating your house could be much lower.


Another economic benefit comes from the sale and purchase itself. I typically see that people who have lived in their homes for several years have a significant amount of equity built up. For many, purchasing a new home isn’t contingent upon the sale of their existing home, which means they have more buying power and can sell their existing home on their own terms. And those who do actually downsize into a smaller home may walk away from their new home purchase ahead of the game.


The great thing about reducing costs and lowering the economic burden of the home is that those extra funds can now be used to visit with friends, spoil grandchildren, or simply pad the savings account.


How Do I Buy a New House While Selling This One?


Starting the process of buying a new house while selling your current home can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. To learn more about how to buy while selling, please contact us directly.

Carrie Meyer is a full service realtor who specializes in relocation purchases, investment properties, and new build transactions with acreage. A Spokane transplant herself, Carrie understands the challenges and benefits inherent in moving to a new city.

Seller's market

How Sellers Can Capitalize in Spokane’s Competitive Holiday Market

We often hear about a “buyer’s market” and the “seller’s market,” but it’s important to understand that these trends vary on a region by region basis. National trends are reporting a “buyers market” in many areas, meaning that there are more homes for sell then there are buyers, giving buyers a slight advantage – BUT – this is not currently the case in Spokane. In fact, we are trending more towards a seller’s market, meaning that there are more buyers than sellers, so many homes are receiving multiple offers.


This is an excellent time to sell in Spokane! If you really want to capitalize on current market trends, there are a couple of important steps that you’ll want to take to increase your competitiveness and get the most money for your home. Here’s a few things you need to know if you want to capitalize on Spokane’s current market and close on a new home before the holidays.


How to Sell in Spokane’s Market


Sellers who understand the market can do very well, especially in Spokane’s holiday market. It’s important to realize that just because sellers have a slight advantage in today’s market, it doesn’t mean that you can cut corners or skimp on prep if you want to get the highest possible offer.  


Benefits to Selling Now:

  • Seller’s market can mean higher prices and potential for multiple offers
  • Well qualified buyers can close in ~21 days, so it’s possible to move before the holidays


Capitalize on Spokane’s holiday market by taking a few extra steps to increase your home’s curb appeal and showability. I recommend these simple but effective actions prior to listing your home:

  • Paint, paint, and more paint! Paint covers a multitude of sins and is a cheap and easy way to completely makeover your house – see the Before and After pictures below
  • Declutter – let your home’s natural shape and personality shine through
  • Consider professional staging
  • Do (at least) basic landscaping and add a few potted plants to increase your home’s curb appeal


Pro Tip for Sellers:

  • Price your home appropriately for the market – your realtor can provide guidance and expectations on pricing


Pricing and presentation of your home during a cooling market is of the utmost importance. Hire a realtor who has a strong track record of selling homes in a buyers market. Make sure they can provide suggestions and advice on third party vendors, appraisals, staging, and selling strategies that align with your goals and needs. A good realtors knows there is no “one size fits all” approach to selling a home – every home and situation is unique and should be handled as such.


Ready to Sell in Spokane?


Carrie Meyer offers premier client services as she has in depth knowledge of the local market and represents buyers and sellers in Spokane. Her client and referral base loyalty is a result of her astute knowledge of contracts, local market data, sharp negotiating skills and her ability to match the right house to the right buyer. After the first meeting with a client she can focus in on the property and determine the approach best suited to the needs of the client’s sale.

Contact Carrie to start the process of buying or selling your home in Spokane.

How Buyers Can Capitalize in Spokane’s Competitive Holiday Market

We often hear about a “buyer’s market” and the “seller’s market,” but it’s important to understand that these trends vary on a region-by-region basis. National trends are reporting a “buyers market” in many areas, meaning that there are more homes for sell then there are buyers, giving buyers a slight advantage – BUT – this is not currently the case in Spokane. In fact, we are trending more towards a seller’s market, meaning there are more buyers than sellers. Many homes are receiving multiple offers.


Buyers can absolutely capitalize on a home purchase in Spokane’s competitive holiday market, but there are a couple of important steps that you’ll want to take to increase your competitiveness and get the best deal. Here’s three things you need to know if you want to capitalize on Spokane’s current market and close on a new home before the holidays.


How to Buy in a Cooling Market


Even in light of a slight seller’s market, this is still a great time to buy in Spokane! It is true that buying is more competitive right now, but this trend is coming on the heels of recent price drops on real estate. What does this mean for buyers? Prices are going up, but they are still lower than they have been – and as bidding wars on properties heat up, prices will continue to rise.


The recent price reductions mean this is the perfect time to capitalize on the holiday market. First time homebuyers, real estate investors, and downsizers will find particular benefit in this market.Waiting buy until after the holidays could mean paying more for your home.  


You MUST Do This


Get prequalified! In a competitive market, it is crucial that you come prepared. I strongly urge all my clients to get prequalified before beginning a home search, for a couple of reasons. First, getting prequalified reduces heartbreak when you fall in love with a home only for funding to fall through. Second, you are competing against other buyer offers, so you need to convince the seller that YOU are the most qualified offer. A thorough, well thought out presentation of the offer from your realtor can genuinely make or break the transaction, so be sure to provide as much to your realtor as possible. I generally request recent financial documents and statements be readily accessible on hand so there is absolutely no delay in the offer process.


For those looking to close and move before the holiday season is upon us, I recommend taking the extra step to become fully underwritten prior to making an offer on a home. This will speed the process significantly (as little as 21 days to close, in some instances), and increase the competitiveness of your offer. For mortgage brokers who specialize in fully underwriting buyers prior to the offer, consider Ben Sharpe at Mountain West Bank or Boone Plager at Fairway Independent Mortgage.


The Benefits of Buying Now:

  • Move in before the winter holidays
  • Capitalize on the reduced pricing before bidding wars drive prices back up


Pro Tips for Buyers:

  • Come prepared!
  • Have a pre-approval letter or underwriting from a lender before hiring a real estate agent or viewing homes
  • Have recent asset statements ready, in hand, when making an offer
  • Allow your agent to put together the best possible offer presentation by providing documents and statements as quickly as possible


You want to be the best, most qualified and serious offer in a competitive market. The offer presentation created by your agent is the only thing a seller knows about your qualifications. It is critical that you hire a realtor with an exceptional presentation strategy.


Looking to Buy and Sell in Spokane?

Carrie Meyer is passionate about helping people relocate to Spokane. Having done so herself nearly 15 years ago, she understands the struggles and stresses that come with moving from out of town and provides unique services to make the process as simple as possible. Carrie also specializes in new home builds and property purchases for those looking to live on acreage with an easy commute back into town, and gladly represents local transactions of any type.

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Win Big and Support the Symphony at Christmas Tree Elegance

36th Annual Christmas Tree Elegance Event in Spokane


Christmas Tree Elegance was founded in 1983 by the Spokane Symphony Associates as a fundraiser for the Spokane Symphony. Today, this family-friendly event has won a place in Spokane Christmas tradition, and has grown into a 13-day event. Attendees travel from five states and Canada to participate and partake in Christmas Tree Elegance, and if you’ve ever seen the trees (and the prizes!), it’s no wonder why.


This year marks the 36th anniversary of the event, which opens on November 27th and runs through December 9th.


How it Works


There are 18 beautifully decorated trees located inside the Davenport Hotel and River Park Square during Christmas Tree Elegance. These decked-out trees have been sponsored by local and national businesses contributing to the fundraiser. Attendees of Christmas Tree Elegance don’t just come to see the trees, they come to win.


Raffle tickets are $1 each, and you can bid on as many trees as you want, as often as you want. But even better still, each tree comes with an additional gift basket/swag bag or cash prize. That would certainly help you deck the halls and line the stockings on your chimney!


The raffle drawing will be held and winners announced on December 9th.


The Charity


All proceeds from raffle ticket sales go to support the Spokane Symphony. All the trees and prizes are sponsored by local and national businesses, so you can bid confidently, knowing your funds really are going to support the arts in Spokane. Christmas Tree Elegance is the Spokane Symphony Associates’ biggest fundraising event of the year for the symphony, so grab the kids and some friends and take a stroll through the trees. And if you see something you like, buy a few raffle tickets and throw your name in the hat – you never know, it could be your lucky day!


The Real Estate Agent Spokane team of realtors is proudly sponsoring tree #12 at this year’s Christmas Tree Elegance. We believe in promoting arts and culture in Spokane as a celebration of the diversity and sophistication our city has to offer.


Meet the Team


The Real Estate Agent Spokane team is a part of Kestell Co Realtors, located in Spokane, Washington. We are full service realtors who handle all types of transactions from first time home buyers, investment property transactions, relocations to Spokane, and more.


Carrie Meyer is passionate about helping people relocate to Spokane. Having done so herself 15 years ago, she understands the struggles and stresses that come with moving from out of town and provides unique services to make the process as simple as possible. Carrie also specializes in new home builds and property purchases for those looking to live on acreage with an easy commute back into town, and gladly represents local transactions of any type.


Sandra Bachmeyer is highly skilled in downsizing transactions, specifically in dealing with the relocation of a parent or grandparent out of their home and into an assisted facility. Sandra has years of experience working in elder care and understands the delicate nuances of these types of transactions. She will work tirelessly to ensure that your loved one is treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire process.


Wendy Smith is a “jack of all trades” in real estate and is ready to help, no matter your transaction type. Wendy understands what it’s like to be a working mother, and strives to make your transaction as simple as possible. She is passionate about helping people find their dream home and sell their current home as quickly and profitably as possible.  


The Real Estate Agent Spokane team can be reached at (509) 868-1077, or full contact information can be found here.

Spokane This Fall – 4 Reasons to Love It!

Spokane is an amazing city to live in year round, but it is exceptionally magical in the fall. The changing of the leaves provides a gorgeous backdrop no matter what you’re doing. The crisp, cool autumn air signals the start of the holiday season festivities. Dust off your boots and grab and scarf, because you won’t want to miss our top four reasons to visit Spokane this fall!


The Changing of the Seasons


washington leafs

Fall brings the changing of the leaves outside of Sacred Heart hospital in Spokane, WA

 Spokane is part of the Inland Northwest (INW). The INW is known for its snowy winters, gorgeous summers, colorful falls and flourishing springs. If you’re looking for a full expression of all four seasons without the long, gray winters of the midwest and northwest coast, you can’t do better than Spokane. 

So grab a coffee from one of our local shops and take a midday stroll. Even a quick walk through the city will provide spectacular views of the changing of the leaves. Reds, oranges, and yellows shine brightly in the midday sun. Even as temperatures drop in Spokane, the sun continues to shine. What this means is that you’re less likely to experience a decline in mood during the fall and winter months. Get the culture of Seattle while leaving the endless gray days behind!


Fall Festivals 


Spokane has no shortage of fall festivals. Whether you’re looking for an adventure out with the kids or a fun date activity, Spokane has you covered. Here are a few things to do in Spokane this fall:


Greenbluff Farms Fall Harvest Festival 

spokane pumpkin patch

Be sure to check out the pumpkin patch at Greenbluff Farms this fall

Running from September 22nd through October 28th, the Fall Harvest Festival is the region’s biggest family-friendly event. The festival boasts a 5-acre corn maze, Pumpkin Land (and of course, their world-famous pumpkin donuts!), live music, food trucks, face painting, apple cider, and dining at the Country Kitchen, to name just a few. Take a peek at the Greenbluff Farms website for full details. 




ValleyFest takes place in the Spokane Valley and runs from September 21-23. This “multi-sport” event offers a diverse range of activities for the family. What do we mean by “diverse?” Well, ValleyFest is most notable for kicking off every year with a Bed Race down Sprague downtown in the Spokane Valley! Families decorate beds and literally race them box-car style down the street. It is one of the most unique events you’ll ever participate in, and bedfull of fun! Other offerings at ValleyFest include TotFest for the kids, a swing dancing competition, and several physical fitness activities, including a walk to raise money for Down’s Syndrome. Check out the full ValleyFest lineup on their website.  


Seriously Scary Halloween 


Maybe it’s the crisp air and the orange leaves that puts Spokane in such a festive mood. No matter the reason, our love of Halloween can’t be denied. Whether it is a trip to Scarywood or trick-or-treating at a neighborhood sponsored event, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.


Scarywood at Silverwood 


Featured on Travel Channel’s “Halloween’s Scariest Thrills” list, Scarywood at Silverwood Theme Park didn’t come to mess around. The even runs the entire month of October and is not meant for kids. Scarywood boasts 5 haunted attractions and 7 Scare Zones. Check out their website for full details, and be warned – Scarywood is not for the faint of heart!   


Arts & Culture


spokane symphone hogwarts

Don’t miss the Spokane Symphony’s Haunted Hallows on October 28, 2018.

Hogwarts at the Spokane Symphony 

The third annual Spokane Symphony Haunted Hallows performance is on October 28th. The Spokane Symphony will be performing the music of Harry Potter in all its magic and splendor. Truly an event for and about the fans, Haunted Hallows encourages cosplay and provides pre-concert activities, so be sure to show up early. The Spokane Symphony offers a matinee and evening performance, but tickets are limited. Learn more and buy tickets here.




Both a group and an event, Terrain is dedicated to local art. The group was founded in 2007 to help prevent the outward migration of local art talent. Terrain the Event is a celebration of those artists. This year’s event features over 500 works from 250 artists, including poets, filmmakers, painters, and performance artists. Learn more about Terrain here, and be sure to stop by the official event on October 5th. Bring your checkbook – art seen at Terrain is for sale and supports the local artists.


Ready to Learn More?


Thinking about visiting or relocating to Spokane? Fall is the perfect season to come see what we’re all about here. Be sure to take a look at our featured listings and check out the blog for more local insights. Contact me to schedule an appointment and begin your home search in Spokane. I specialize in relocation transactions and am prepared to answer your questions and assist throughout the long distance buying process. 

home renovations

Top 4 Home Renovations to Consider Before Selling in Spokane

Do I Need to Remodel Before I Sell My Home?


The need for costly renovations is one of the most common reasons people give for holding off on selling their house. It’s easy to assume that any improvement you make on your home will directly affect the resale price and lower the days on market. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. In fact, among home sold in California, Oregon, and Washington in 2017, there were only four renovations that saw at least 100% of costs recouped in the resale on average, according to


Take a look at the most profitable home renovations in Washington last year:


Attic Insulation – This upgrade calls for a professional remodeler to airseal the attic to prevent air-conditioned air from escaping into unconditioned areas. Fiberglass loose-fill insulation is added until the insulation reaches the industry standard thickness.

Average Return on Investment in 2017: 122% of cost


home renovations

Replacing the garage door can boost resale values

Garage Door Replacement – The cost involved with replacing a garage door includes removal and disposal of the old door.

Purchasing and installing the new door makes up the remaining portion of the expense. Replacing the door typically includes a new insulated 4-section door with ½” insulated windows in the top row, new heavy-duty tracks with a lifetime warranty. Generally, the motor from the old door will be reused. 

Average Return on Investment in 2017: 110.8% of cost


sell my home spokane

Replacing vinyl siding with stone veneer can increase home values during the sale

Manufactured Stone Veneer – Adding a manufactured stone veneer to your house can dramatically change the way your house looks from the street. This renovation consists of removing the bottom ⅓ of vinyl from the street-facing side of your house and replacing it with manufactured stone. The trends on cost vs. value may be changing on this project in 2018, so price out your project and work with a well qualified realtor to decide if this project makes sense before listing your home in Spokane.

Average Return on Investment in 2017: 106.7% of cost


Replacing Entry Door (Steel) – Replacing a standard front door with a 20-gauge steel door can make a big difference on the resale price of your home. The entry door is the first part of your house that prospective buyers will actually interact with. It is important to make a good first impression! Steel entry doors are also safer and so increase the value and “sellability” of the home.

Average Return on Investment in 2017: 101.3% of cost


What it All Means


All of these renovations improve the “curb appeal” of the house, make it safer, and cheaper to

average days on market

Replacing cabinets and countertops can reduce the number of days on market when selling your home

upkeep. When deciding whether or not to move forward with a remodel, ask yourself  a couple of questions. Does this give my home more curb appeal? Will this project give me an edge over other available homes in the area? 

There are a few renovations that might be necessary in order to generate interest in your home. Things like kitchens and bathrooms might need to be remodeled to get buyers interested in your home. This will depend on market trends and competition in your neighborhood.


Ready to Talk About Listing Your Home in Spokane?


Don’t make assumptions about what projects need to be done before you can list your house in Spokane. Contact me today to review the market trends in your corner of Spokane. Let’s make a plan to get you the most money – and quickest sell time – for your home or property.

Spokane Hoopfest Brings Charity and Growth


What is Spokane Hoopfest?


Spokane Hoopfest is the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the entire world. It takes place right here in Spokane every year during the last weekend of June. Hoopfest has nearly 30 years of history in Spokane, officially kicking off back in 1990. The very first Hoopfest featured 36 taped-off courts in Downtown Spokane; closing off streets in downtown for a basketball tournament was something that had never been done here before. Hoopfest was a wild success and has only grown in popularity since.

Today, Spokane Hoopfest boasts significantly bigger numbers. There are now over 6,000 teams competing each year on 450 courts in the streets of Downtown. In fact, there are so many courts that Hoopfest now takes over a whopping 45 blocks, completely closing down the area for two whole days! The games aren’t all that’s big about Hoopfest – the crowds are absolutely enormous. The annual draw of fans is over 225,000 people! Part of what makes Hoopfest so great is that it unites people of every race, religion, and socioeconomic status, bringing them together with their common love of the sport.


Hoopfest Gives Back in Spokane


Aside from being a ton of fun, Hoopfest is also a significant force for charity in Spokane. As a registered 501(c)3 tax-exempt charity, Hoopfest is in a good position to positively influence the local community. Since its inception in 1990, Hoopfest has built more than 30 local basketball courts and has donated over $1.6 million to charities in Spokane. Among the organizations to donated to are the Special Olympics, youth sports centers, local learning programs, and community centers. The Spokane Hoopfest Association even runs the Spokane AAU basketball league, a school- and community-outreach program designed to offer constructive and safe activities for local youth.


On top of all its charitable good deeds, Hoopfest is also a huge economic boon for the city. The 225,000 attendees come from not only all over the country, but from all over the world. Hoopfest has an economic impact for the Spokane of over $46 million in just two short days! It truly is the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament on planet Earth.


Want to live where Hoopfest lives?


Check out our featured listings or contact me today to set up your custom home search.

DIY home improvement spokane

6 Reasons to Stop Renting & Buy a House

Why Rent in Spokane When You Can Buy?

If you’ve been renting an apartment in Spokane, it might be time to ditch escalating rent prices and invest in buying your own home. Qualifying for and finding a home might be easier than you’d expect, plus, there are some really cool perks that come with owning a home! Read on for our top six reasons to stop renting and buy a house today, then give me a call when you’re ready to start looking a real estate in the Spokane area.

1.) Finding Your Blank Canvas

Hands down, my personal favorite thing about owning a house is being able to change it. Think of a house like a Mr. Potato Head. You need a good solid potato body (foundation, pipes, beams) but everything else is mix and match! This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions that prospective home buyers have – they think they need to buy a house that already meets their interior design preferences, but you don’t! Spokane has a lot of beautiful, historic homes, but don’t turn your eye at those if you’re looking for a contemporary style. Those changes are easy to make! “Ugly,” old, or generally odd interiors (neon green paint, anyone?) are nothing more than a blank canvas, waiting to come to life for you. How cool is that?

DIY home improvement spokane

DIY projects are a great way to customize your new home

2.) Learning How to DIY

Whether you buy a “fixer-upper” or your dream home, you will always have at least something that needs to be changed. If you don’t believe me, just walk through a home improvement store on a Sunday. I dare you to not be inspired! Nope, you can’t do it. Not possible. There are so many amazing DIY alterations you can make to your new home. Wallpaper and paint, a new faucet on the bathtub, new countertops – the world is your oyster! As an added benefit, almost all hardware and home improvement stores around Spokane hold free classes to help you turn that vision into glorious reality.

3.) Having Space for Furbabies

One of the biggest reasons that first time home buyers give for buying is to accommodate their dog. Renting can be extremely difficult for dog and cat owners, as it often means increased rent prices or rejected applications. Breed restrictions can make it impossible for those with large breed pups to rent an apartment. Buying a house in Spokane allows dog owners to sidestep these obstacles and have the space they need to let Fido thrive.  

dog friendly housing spokane

Buy a house your dog can grow into!

4.) Entertaining is Easier

One of the biggest reasons why people get sick of living in an apartment is that you can hear EVERYTHING. Not only are you sharing walls on 3 sides, often you’re also sharing the ceiling and floor too. That’s a lot of shared walls, especially if you’re hoping to entertain without getting complaints from the neighbors. Owning your own space makes it so much easier to have friends over for the big game, or to host family holidays, or vacuum at 3:00am (no judgement).

5.) No More Fear of Increasing Rent Prices

Rent prices can increase on a yearly basis, so every time you have to renew your lease, you could be subject to higher prices. Not cool! Mortgages are a little different. With a fixed rate mortgage, your payment will stay the same over time, even if the value of your house increases. Pretty cool, right?

Disclaimer: mortgages are complicated and you should ALWAYS seek the advice and guidance of a licensed professional when making financial or mortgage decisions.

6.) Putting down roots, claiming a space

Finally, for many people, owning a home is a huge part of the process of putting down roots in Spokane. Buying a house is a great way to claim a space as your own; a place to begin. A place to call home is a beautiful place, indeed.

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