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10 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring in Spokane   With temperatures warming up and the snow slowly melting, you might be realizing that your garden has sat neglected all winter! But no worries – we’ve got the top 10 things you need to do to get your garden ready for Spokane’s glorious spring:   […]

The Best City for Freelancers

Coworking, Culture, and Cost of Living in the PNW It’s no secret that freelance and remote jobs are on the rise in the United States. In fact, 35% of the US workforce is freelancing; there are 10 million more freelancers today than 5 years ago. The appeal of the freelancer lifestyle is obvious: live anywhere […]

The Best Ways to Exercise This Winter

Getting and Staying Fit in Spokane   If you’re feeling bogged down with the winter blues, you aren’t alone. It’s that time of year when the snow seems like it will stick around forever, and getting outdoors might not be too high on the list. But between the yucky weather and all those christmas cookies […]

How to Save for a Downpayment

If you set a New Year’s Resolution to buy a home, you are in good company! But like all resolutions, you’ve probably got some work to do to meet your goal, and for first-time homebuyers, that work usually comes in the form of saving for a down payment.     Home ownership is often viewed as […]

The Best NYE Parties in Spokane 2019

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner! The opportunity to welcome a new decade is something that only happens a handful of times in our lives, and you probably won’t want to miss this one.   For many, New Year’s is a time to realign priorities that may have wandered over the course of […]

Why and Where to Thrift Shop in Spokane

Thrifting for the Win: The 5 Best Places to Thrift Shop in Spokane    Thrift shopping is amazing! Thrifting isn’t just a fun, affordable way to find unique, high quality, and at times, downright quirky items. Thrift shopping is also good for the local economy and the environment! Don’t believe us? Consider these stats: Goodwill’s […]

Thanksgiving Recipes Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is known for many things, and unique, local dishes is certainly high up on the list. And with the plethora of fresh, zesty ingredients right in our backyard, it’s no wonder that chefs across the PNW are whipping up incredible, imaginative recipes.  When it comes to food, there is no holiday more […]

All Pumpkin Err’thang

Where to Find Pumpkin Treats in Spokane There is no denying the power of the pumpkin this time of year. Whether you’re a fan of the gourd or not, it’s hard to resist the pull of all the tasty treats popping up around town. And with the limited availability of these pumpkin delights, why not […]