Hello, my name is Carrie Meyer. I’d like to take this opportunity to provide you with my mini bio; I hope it provides you with the relevant and useful information you need to decide to hire me as your Realtor!   I’m applying for the job because I believe I can provide you with a service that you’ll not only appreciate but one you’ll be glad to recommend to your family and friends.

Knowing a little bit about my background may help this process! I was born in Illinois and while still a child my family moved to Arizona;  As a young adult having become affiliated with the military we moved to New Orleans, San Diego, San Francisco and finally back to Arizona.  By the time I and my husband moved our family to Spokane, Washington I factored that I not only understood the moving and relocation process, I’d also learned how to buy and sell homes – quickly!

All during this time I became and remain nationally certified as a paralegal and served in this capacity for many years. I’m also a ‘certified identity theft risk management specialist’ and I’m licensed as a ‘non-practicing insurance agent’.  This practical experience in handling many contractual details also enables me to negotiate the best deal for you and complete your transactions with accuracy.