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6 Reasons to Stop Renting & Buy a House

Why Rent in Spokane When You Can Buy?

If you’ve been renting an apartment in Spokane, it might be time to ditch escalating rent prices and invest in buying your own home. Qualifying for and finding a home might be easier than you’d expect, plus, there are some really cool perks that come with owning a home! Read on for our top six reasons to stop renting and buy a house today, then give me a call when you’re ready to start looking a real estate in the Spokane area.

1.) Finding Your Blank Canvas

Hands down, my personal favorite thing about owning a house is being able to change it. Think of a house like a Mr. Potato Head. You need a good solid potato body (foundation, pipes, beams) but everything else is mix and match! This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions that prospective home buyers have – they think they need to buy a house that already meets their interior design preferences, but you don’t! Spokane has a lot of beautiful, historic homes, but don’t turn your eye at those if you’re looking for a contemporary style. Those changes are easy to make! “Ugly,” old, or generally odd interiors (neon green paint, anyone?) are nothing more than a blank canvas, waiting to come to life for you. How cool is that?

DIY home improvement spokane

DIY projects are a great way to customize your new home

2.) Learning How to DIY

Whether you buy a “fixer-upper” or your dream home, you will always have at least something that needs to be changed. If you don’t believe me, just walk through a home improvement store on a Sunday. I dare you to not be inspired! Nope, you can’t do it. Not possible. There are so many amazing DIY alterations you can make to your new home. Wallpaper and paint, a new faucet on the bathtub, new countertops – the world is your oyster! As an added benefit, almost all hardware and home improvement stores around Spokane hold free classes to help you turn that vision into glorious reality.

3.) Having Space for Furbabies

One of the biggest reasons that first time home buyers give for buying is to accommodate their dog. Renting can be extremely difficult for dog and cat owners, as it often means increased rent prices or rejected applications. Breed restrictions can make it impossible for those with large breed pups to rent an apartment. Buying a house in Spokane allows dog owners to sidestep these obstacles and have the space they need to let Fido thrive.  

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Buy a house your dog can grow into!

4.) Entertaining is Easier

One of the biggest reasons why people get sick of living in an apartment is that you can hear EVERYTHING. Not only are you sharing walls on 3 sides, often you’re also sharing the ceiling and floor too. That’s a lot of shared walls, especially if you’re hoping to entertain without getting complaints from the neighbors. Owning your own space makes it so much easier to have friends over for the big game, or to host family holidays, or vacuum at 3:00am (no judgement).

5.) No More Fear of Increasing Rent Prices

Rent prices can increase on a yearly basis, so every time you have to renew your lease, you could be subject to higher prices. Not cool! Mortgages are a little different. With a fixed rate mortgage, your payment will stay the same over time, even if the value of your house increases. Pretty cool, right?

Disclaimer: mortgages are complicated and you should ALWAYS seek the advice and guidance of a licensed professional when making financial or mortgage decisions.

6.) Putting down roots, claiming a space

Finally, for many people, owning a home is a huge part of the process of putting down roots in Spokane. Buying a house is a great way to claim a space as your own; a place to begin. A place to call home is a beautiful place, indeed.

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